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Grief is a manifestation of love and we must all go through this deeply painful and personal process as we heal from loss, find acceptance, and learn to live again.
Processing grief can be difficult but there are many things we can do to help come to terms with our loss and find healing, understanding, and peace.
While you will always carry grief with you, with time and patience you will be able to rebuild your life and find new purpose.
Channelling your grief through creativity can help you find healing and a renewed sense of purpose.

Precious Scars

Precious Scars is an online support hub for those at risk of violent crime or struggling with the loss of a child to violence.

In the face of the unimaginable pain and overwhelming grief you may be feeling, the Precious Scars site hopes to alleviate, in some small way, your immediate distress and uncertainty by providing informative free advice and practical guidance from those who have felt the same way.

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